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Looking at Leaves

Year 1 used microscopes and magnifying glasses to look closely at a variety of leaves. The children sorted the leaves into groups and explained how they made their decisions. 

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Colourful Collages

Year 4&5 are learning more intersting vocabulary for the basic colour words. The children made collages of each colour and then displayed them alongside new and more powerful vocabulary.  Simple but effective!  

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London’s Burning

Year 1 finished their last topic, The Great Fire of London, with a great fire on a local beach. It was a controlled burning and the children watched from a safe distance as they witnessed how quickly the fire spread

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Computing Skills

Year 2 have been learning the basics of how to use laptops. They learned how to switch one on, open some documents and save them before shutting the computer down properly.

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Perfect Porridge

Nursery Class made porridge so that Goldilocks would not need to take it from The Three Bears again! They followed a recipe and added warm milk to oats. The children then added either honey or chocolate spread to make it

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Magic Beans

Nursery read Jack and and the Beanstalk and wanted to plant their own magic beans. The children looked at what plants need to be able to grow and will be watching them closely to see what changes.

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Creative Time – 1

Reception enjoyed recreating the painting ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’ by Henri Rousseau. They painted the jungle scene first. They were encouraged to mix the paints to create different shades of green for the plants, grass and leaves on the large

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Good Enough To Eat

Year 4&5 have been developing their art techniques and have investigated new ways to use oil pastels. The class learned how to smudge, rub and blend in order to create new shades and textures and then how to add precise

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Menu January 2019

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Careful Capacity

In Maths class, Year 3 enjoyed a practical capacity activity. They first estimated how much each container might hold, then measured the exact amount in milliliters with measuring jugs. Only minor spills occurred, followed by giggles and wiping!

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