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Stars of the Week

Foundation Stage Stars of the Week are: William in Reception, Lexi in Nursery and Ezra in Pre-Nursery! Well done to all the children for a great start to the Year!  

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Campaign for Recycling Plastic

Year 4&5 have been learning about the dreadful plastic problem which is developing across the world’s oceans and beaches. They have been shocked by a number of different statistics which highlight the enormity of the problem and have realised that

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Numicon Puzzles

Year 1 have settled in brilliantly and were ‘thrown into the deep end’ during the first week! The children were challenged with a Numicon puzzle where they had to work together in small groups in order to solve the problem.

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Maths Review

Year 5 have been reviewing and consolidating their maths facts and knowledge from Year 4 before embarking on the new maths curriculum. They enjoyed using a range of materials during a carousel activity and now feel ready to take on

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Super Circus Week

Bring on the clowns! The children at Calpe Summer School enjoyed a range of different activities and games which were all linked to the Circus theme:

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Fabulous Food Week

Throughout this week at Calpe Summer School, the children carried out a number of dynamic, fun activities which were all related to food, including making fruit juice, potato printing and making sweet treats such as Choc Chip Cookies and Chocolate

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Awesome Animal Activities

Our first week of Summer School focused its activites on ANIMALS – the children had a fantastic time carrying out a number of arts, crafts and games all related to animals and living creatures!

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Amazing Animal Theme Day

The children at Summer School enjoyed an Animal Theme day and had their faces painted as an creature of their choice after a week of activities which were related to animals.

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Amazing Peer Assessment

In Literacy, Year 3 wrote a mystery story as a sequel to the novel which they read in class – ”Ottoline and the Yellow Cat”. They made lovely little booklets. They asked for help from the Year 4 and 5

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Fabulous French

Congratulations to the Year 4 and 5 students for completing the Rising Star Level 1 French programme this year! Bon travail!

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