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Emergency Vehicles

To finish their EMERGENCY! topic, Reception class made their favourite emergency vehicles using junk modelling items and displayed them in the Library for everyone to see. 

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Pancakes – yum yum!

Year 1 enjoyed making pancakes in class. The children improved their measuring, mixing and cooking skills! A great success all round – the staff enjoyed them too!

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Numicon in Numeracy

Foundation Stage and Year 1 welcomed a surprise visitor to the class.  Miss Alex returned to visit the children and to deliver a range of Numeracy lessons specialising in the use of Numicon.  The children were introduced to the tiles

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Perfect or Perilous Parachutes?

Year 4 and 5 have been learning about different forces.  They learned how the surface area and shape of an object can determine how fast it may move through air.  They learned about Air Resistance, Aerodynamics and Gravity.  With this

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Terrific 3-D Shapes

Year 2 have been learning about 3D shapes. The children were set a construction challenge.  Their objective was to build 3D models which involved thinking about the shapes of faces they would need, the number of vertices and how many

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Mr Gumby’s Outing

Reception shared the story Mr Gumby’s Outing with the rest of Foundation Stage.  The children showed all the animals that got into his boat before it sank!  The audience enjoyed this very much!  

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Chickens and Eggs

Pre-Nursery have been learning about chickens and eggs.  They made some colourful, feathery chickens and demonstrated their egg experiment – breaking the egg to see what’s inside!

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Outstanding Orang-utans

Year 2 have been busy following in the footsteps of David Attenborough to find out all about Orang-utans. They created their own non-fiction books to tell you all about them, so why not pop into the school library and have

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Where Would You Like To Live?

To conclude their Literacy Unit on countries, Year 3 children wrote reports to answer the Big Question: Where Would You Like To Live? They had to research their countries, write 5 paragraphs and select pictures to illustrate each page. In

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Amazing Astronaut Food

Year 4&5 have been learning about The Solar System and were lucky enough to try some real, freeze-dried ‘Astronaut Food’ all the way from America.  They had 3 different flavours – Strawberry, Peach and Apple & Cinnamon – and overwhelmingly

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