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Brilliant Bakers!

Year 3 class learned how to make bread and used the right tools to slice, mix, spread, bake and knead. During this activity, they practised weighing ingredients accurately. They learned new vocabulary such as loaf, yeast, dough and kneading and

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Reception’s Rockets

The children in Reception arrived at school a few weeks ago to find underpants hanging on a washing line in the playground and the classroom. They had strange green handprints on them!  After reading the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’, the

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Floppy’s Phonics Good Practice Stage 1+ (Pre-Nursery)

Pre-Nursery have started to learn some phonics sounds.  Here are some of the activities that they have carried out:  

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Y4&5 Granada Residential – Day Two

Year 4&5 visited Granada and stayed overnight.  On day two, the class enjoyed a healthy buffet breakfast before spending the day at Granada Science Park (Parque de las Ciencias).  This is an interactive museum where the children experienced many different

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Year 4&5 Granada Residential – Day One

Year 4&5 visited Granada and stayed overnight.  On day one, the class carried out a number of different activities including: Woodland Walk Team-building Games Frisbee Fun Picnic Lunch Alhambra Palace gardens City Walk – Albaycin area and the Cathedral Souvenir

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San Pedro survey

Year 3 enjoyed a Geography day filled with different activities. The day began with a trip to San Pedro to conduct various surveys on the human and physical features of the town. The children enjoyed using their observational skills to

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Super Sculptures

Year 2 have been learning about the British Artist Andy Goldsworthy and his sculptures. They visited the beach to collect their own natural materials such as shells, stones, bark, grass, flowers and sticks. The children used these to create small

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Pentatonic Percussion

As part of their music lessons with Miss Gwenno, Year 3 composed a Pentatonic song. The class were reminded of rhythms that had been previously taught and chose a form for their song. Once they knew which notes could be

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Robot Day

Year 1 had a busy time creating robots during their Design and Technology day. The children brought a mountain of recycled items to school and enjoyed creating their own robots. The children were challenged to make their creations more stable

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Flower Dissection

In their Biology class, Year 3 children conducted a flower dissection in order to learn the different parts of flowering plants. They then separated and labelled each part. Finally, they used a magnifying glass to see the pollen and ovules

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