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Happy Horses

In their Assembly, Pre-Nursery children shared all the horse facts they have been learning.  Everyone enjoyed listening to them and learning about horses. 

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Numicon in Numeracy

Foundation Stage and Year 1 welcomed a surprise visitor to the class.  Miss Alex returned to visit the children and to deliver a range of Numeracy lessons specialising in the use of Numicon.  The children were introduced to the tiles

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Mr Gumby’s Outing

Reception shared the story Mr Gumby’s Outing with the rest of Foundation Stage.  The children showed all the animals that got into his boat before it sank!  The audience enjoyed this very much!  

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Chickens and Eggs

Pre-Nursery have been learning about chickens and eggs.  They made some colourful, feathery chickens and demonstrated their egg experiment – breaking the egg to see what’s inside!

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Super Cities!

In Reception class, the children have been building their own cities. They drew roads and made buildings and other landmarks and even wrote their own labels. The children also enjoyed working together and listening to each other’s ideas. It was

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Clevertouch Technology

Pre-Nursery have been exploring and enjoying the many possibilities of Clevertouch technology – what a wonderful tool!    

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Brilliant Boxes

Even more fun with boxes!  Boxes are great for sitting in and even better for hiding in!  They are also great for capturing people in jail, typing on a computer, decorating the roof of a house, and creating a graffiti

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Building and Construction – Christmas Houses

Fun with boxes! In Reception’s Imagination Station,  all the children need are boxes and their imaginations… The theme for this activity was “Building and Construction”. How to make a Christmas house – use boxes, crates, sheets, hand written signs and tinsel

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Wonderful Winter Fun

Nursery class have been exploring all things Winter – discovering things hidden in ice blocks, making fluffy polar bears using shaving foam and glue, perfect penguins and a Stickman made out of real sticks! What a lot of Winter fun

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Pre-Nursery at Calpe School

Our Pre-Nursery children enjoy many different activities throughout their day at Calpe School.  Find out more about their day in this animated book:  

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