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Mysterious Scratch

Reception Class found a huge scratch on their board and muddy paw prints in their classroom on Monday! The children looked at the two clues to work out which animal could have made it………but they needed another clue. The class

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Floppy’s Phonics Stage 1+, Stage 2 and Stage 3 actions

At Calpe School, the Floppy’s Phonics programme is used as the basis for teaching phonics in reading and writing.  Reception Class have developed actions for each of the sounds in Stage 1+, 2 and 3.  Watch them here:  

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Super Sunflowers

Reception class showed the rest of Foundation Stage how a bean plant grows and shared their pictures of sunflowers.  They are hoping that their beanstalks grow tall enough to reach the Giant!

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Magic Beanstalk Beans

Miss Michelle needed help from Reception class. She found a huge sack outside and did not know who it belonged to. The class looked inside………there was an enormous pencil, a giant spoon, a massive mug, a big toy dog, a

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Emergency Vehicles

To finish their EMERGENCY! topic, Reception class made their favourite emergency vehicles using junk modelling items and displayed them in the Library for everyone to see. 

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Numicon in Numeracy

Foundation Stage and Year 1 welcomed a surprise visitor to the class.  Miss Alex returned to visit the children and to deliver a range of Numeracy lessons specialising in the use of Numicon.  The children were introduced to the tiles

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Mr Gumby’s Outing

Reception shared the story Mr Gumby’s Outing with the rest of Foundation Stage.  The children showed all the animals that got into his boat before it sank!  The audience enjoyed this very much!  

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Super Cities!

In Reception class, the children have been building their own cities. They drew roads and made buildings and other landmarks and even wrote their own labels. The children also enjoyed working together and listening to each other’s ideas. It was

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Brilliant Boxes

Even more fun with boxes!  Boxes are great for sitting in and even better for hiding in!  They are also great for capturing people in jail, typing on a computer, decorating the roof of a house, and creating a graffiti

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Building and Construction – Christmas Houses

Fun with boxes! In Reception’s Imagination Station,  all the children need are boxes and their imaginations… The theme for this activity was “Building and Construction”. How to make a Christmas house – use boxes, crates, sheets, hand written signs and tinsel

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