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Brilliant Birds

As part of their topic ‘Growth and Green Fingers’, Year 1 went for a walk to observe local birds and plants. The children discovered the vital role birds play in helping to pollenate and disperse seeds. One bird, a pied

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Tremendous Teamwork

During circle time this week, Year 1 were given the challenge to work together as a team. They had to form a circle then hold hands with each other across the circle. They then needed to untangle themselves – without

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Active Learn Champions!

The Active Learn website is a fantastic way to consolidate and continue learning at home.  These pupils were our winners in the second part of the Autumn term – who will be the next winners?

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Class Collaboration

Years 1, 4 and 5 recently welcomed a visitor to the class.  George McFarlane (dance teacher Jo’s father) came in to the class to talk about his childhood, experiences in the army and Scotland in general.  The children were fascinated

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Cultivating Classroom Cress

Year 1 have been learning about how to care for a plant and what it needs in order to grow. This week, the children planted their cress seeds and are eager to see how they grow, given the best conditions!

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The Great Fire of San Pedro!

On the last day of term in December, Year 1 went to the beach. This was no ordinary trip as the children had created Tudor houses in previous lessons in the style of 1666. This was Year 1’s attempt to

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Flames in Motion

Year 1 have been busy designing and creating moving pictures based on their topic ‘The Great Fire of London’. The children had very imaginitive ideas and there were plenty of different designs in the class! Once finished, the children enjoyed

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Certificate Winners!

This year’s December Certificate Winners for Years 1 to 5 have been awarded by the class teachers and Spanish department. Those children graduating from Miss Gill’s programme have also been recognised.  Well done, everyone!  

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Nature Walk

Following the Nature Diary we have been reading in Literacy, the class went on a walk to observe the local surroundings. The children found a very large yellow and black, stripy spider beyond the fence and they heard birds, the waves

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Pudding Lane

Year 1 have created Tudor houses to recreate Pudding Lane in the Dining Room. The children tried very hard to cut thin strips of card to make wooden beams for their houses and added windows too. The effect is very

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