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Pudding Lane

Year 1 have created Tudor houses to recreate Pudding Lane in the Dining Room. The children tried very hard to cut thin strips of card to make wooden beams for their houses and added windows too. The effect is very

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Kings and Queens

Arise for the Kings and Queens of Year 1! Year 1 had a fun afternoon of sitting on a regal throne (Miss Gwenno’s swivel chair!) and shared with the rest of the class what their royal demands would be if

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Numicon Puzzles

Year 1 have settled in brilliantly and were ‘thrown into the deep end’ during the first week! The children were challenged with a Numicon puzzle where they had to work together in small groups in order to solve the problem.

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The Iron Man

Based on The Iron Man book cover by Ted Hughes, Year 1 worked on their blending and smudging skills using chalk on black card. The children enjoyed watching the movie trailer for ‘The Iron Giant’ – an animated adaptation of

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Bioparc Trip

Reception and Year 1 had a fun day at Bioparc learning all about a variety of animals and their habitats. They had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some different creatures. The children enjoyed a walk around

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Robots Galore!

Year 1 were very busy during their Design and Technology day! They children created their own Robots out of recycled materials and covered their creations with foil. The class had a brilliant time problem solving and helping each other to

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Paper Puzzle

Year 1 children were given a challenge this week. As they will be looking at structures and how to strengthen them in Design and Technology, the children had to create a book-stand using only 1 piece of A4 paper. The

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Material Around Us

This half term, Year 1 will be learning more about materials and their properties. As a starting activity, the class went for a walk around the local area to see what different materials are around us. The children noticed that

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Awesome Orchids

Years 1 and 2 visited Agro Jardin garden centre and the Orchidarium in Estepona in order to further their studies on plants and flowers. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to plant seeds, find out more about how

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Mrs Sprockett’s Strange Machine

In Literacy, Year 1 have been looking at poetry and paying attention to rhyming words.  They have been matching rhyming words together and used their knowledge to perform a rhyming poem called ‘Mrs Sprockett’s Strange Machine’. They practiced in their groups

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