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Celtic and Roman Invasion

Year 3&4 ended their topic of The Celts and Romans by having a theme day. This involved all children dressing up as a Roman (Year 3) or as a Celt (Year 4) and taking part in various activities linked to

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Marvellous Mosaics

Year 3 have been learning about The Romans and about many different aspects of that ancient civilization. As part of the project, the class made Roman Mosaics with square tiles. They designed their mosaics on paper first and then worked

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The Celts

Year 4 have been learning about the Celts. They learned about the various roles within the Celtic society and about the significance of the Celtic knots and how they symbolise eternal life. The children used textiles to create people from

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Calpe Competition Winners!

Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 entered an international competition with Oxford Reading Tree to write a new magic key adventure for Biff, Chip, Kipper and the gang.  We have not heard back from Oxford yet but within Calpe School

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The Stone Age to The Iron Age

Year 4 have started to learn about The Celts and began the topic by taking ‘a walk through time’ from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  They learned how to place BC dates and AD dates on a timeline using Zero as the midpoint

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Kilted Soldier

As part of their Non-Fiction Literacy work ‘How Far Would You Go To Look Cool?’, Year 3&4 have been looking at clothing around the world – traditional clothing, fashion crazes and clothing from many years ago.  They were lucky enough

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Investigating Sunlight and Space for Seeds

Year 3 & 4 have been looking in detail at flowers, pollination and seed dispersal.  They are carrying out an experiment to find out how much space an onion seed needs to germinate successfully.  There are five pots:  a pot

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Science Friction

Year 3 have been investigating forces and carried out several experiments to find out about Gravity and Friction. The class tested how the different height of a ramp would affect the distance travelled by a car.  They also tested how

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Legendary Pop-Up Books

Year 3&4 have been studying various different Legends as part of their Literacy work.  They used this as an inspiration and theme for their Design & Technology project which was to make a Pop-Up Book with moving parts.  The children learned

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School Trips – Granja Escuela “El Dorado” and Planeta Explora

The children of Calpe School recently enjoyed lots of learning and new experiences outwith of the usual school environment.  Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception went on a visit to Granja Escuela “El Dorado” farm near Jimena, while Years 1 to 4 enjoyed

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