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My Name in Hieroglyphs

Year 3 are enjoying learning about Ancient Egypt and learned how to write their names in Hieroglyphs. They used real papyrus paper to stick each symbol on in Art class.

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Summer Concert

Calpe School enjoyed a fantastic end-of-year Summer Concert. The pupils sang and danced brilliantly in front of a full audience of parents and friends.  Many thanks to everyone who attended and who have supported Calpe School throughout the year.

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At Calpe School, our KS1&2 pupils have access to the Active Learn website which allows them to read English books, play maths games and enjoy online grammar, spelling and punctuation activities to further their learning at home. As an incentive,

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Railway Debate

In Literacy class, Year 3 children took part in a mock Town Hall debate, discussing the age of the railway in role as a character from history. As a class, they considered the pros and cons of railways and the

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Planeta Explora at Calpe School

Calpe School recently held a Science Day for Years 1, 2 and 3. The team from Planeta Explora visited us and brought lots of interesting science equipment with them.  The children were thrilled to take part in a range of

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Brilliant Bakers!

Year 3 class learned how to make bread and used the right tools to slice, mix, spread, bake and knead. During this activity, they practised weighing ingredients accurately. They learned new vocabulary such as loaf, yeast, dough and kneading and

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San Pedro survey

Year 3 enjoyed a Geography day filled with different activities. The day began with a trip to San Pedro to conduct various surveys on the human and physical features of the town. The children enjoyed using their observational skills to

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Pentatonic Percussion

As part of their music lessons with Miss Gwenno, Year 3 composed a Pentatonic song. The class were reminded of rhythms that had been previously taught and chose a form for their song. Once they knew which notes could be

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Flower Dissection

In their Biology class, Year 3 children conducted a flower dissection in order to learn the different parts of flowering plants. They then separated and labelled each part. Finally, they used a magnifying glass to see the pollen and ovules

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Sports Day

Our annual Sports Day was a huge success! We held the day at a new venue which afforded more space and comfort for the children and provided excellent opportunities for racing. We would like to say a huge thank you

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