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Where Would You Like To Live?

To conclude their Literacy Unit on countries, Year 3 children wrote reports to answer the Big Question: Where Would You Like To Live? They had to research their countries, write 5 paragraphs and select pictures to illustrate each page. In

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Amazing Astronaut Food

Year 4&5 have been learning about The Solar System and were lucky enough to try some real, freeze-dried ‘Astronaut Food’ all the way from America.  They had 3 different flavours – Strawberry, Peach and Apple & Cinnamon – and overwhelmingly

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Vicious Volcanoes

Year 3 experimented with a Science project to learn about chemical reactions and what happens when a volcano erupts. They filled an empty plastic bottle (which they had painted brown to resemble a volcano) with water, baking soda, washing up liquid and

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Active Learn Champions!

The Active Learn website is a fantastic way to consolidate and continue learning at home.  These pupils were our winners in the second part of the Autumn term – who will be the next winners?

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Planet Earth in Plasticine

In Science class, Year 3 learned that our Planet Earth has four layers: an outer solid crust, a highly vicious mantle full of magma, a liquid outer core, and a solid inner core. To visualise this, the children used different

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Amazing Autobiographies

In their Literacy lessons, Year 3 students learned about autobiographies and were asked to select either a PowerPoint presentation or a Poster to present their own autobiographies to the class. They were taught different presentation techniques such as effective breathing,

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Certificate Winners!

This year’s December Certificate Winners for Years 1 to 5 have been awarded by the class teachers and Spanish department. Those children graduating from Miss Gill’s programme have also been recognised.  Well done, everyone!  

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Fairy Tale Interviews

In Literacy, Year 3 class have enjoyed reading different version of the famous tale Little Red Riding Hood. To improve their speaking and listening, they composed questions to ask both Red and the Wolf. In class, they had to dress

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Slimy Science Brains

Year 3 enjoyed a Science day on our Non-Uniform Day when they came to school prepared with ingredients in order to make slime. They had each selected their own recipe and were hopeful to make a fun, gooey, slimy slime

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In their Science classes, Year 3 children are learning about nutrition and bones. They enjoyed working co-operatively to recreate a human skeleton. The next step is the learn to name the main bones in their bodies! 

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