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Flower Dissection

In their Biology class, Year 3 children conducted a flower dissection in order to learn the different parts of flowering plants. They then separated and labelled each part. Finally, they used a magnifying glass to see the pollen and ovules

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Sports Day

Our annual Sports Day was a huge success! We held the day at a new venue which afforded more space and comfort for the children and provided excellent opportunities for racing. We would like to say a huge thank you

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Sports Day 2018 Information

For full Sports Day information, please see the links below: Type ‘Club de Padel Alhambra de Golf’ into Google Maps for directions:     18.05.31 Sports day notice for parents

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Y3 Gardening Show

Year 3 carried out many different investigations about plants.  Each child devised their own investigation in order to answer questions about how plants grow.  They presented their findings in the form of a short video.  Click on the picture below

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Delightful Design Project

Year 3 children had a nice D&T challenge this term. They used a 60 cm stick of wood to create their very own picture frames. They handled a mini-hacksaw and double-sided bench hook using a careful technique. They used a

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Amazing Advice

Before embarking on their Design Technology project, Year 3 sought advice from their peers in Years 4&5 who had recently carried out a similar activity involving wood and various tools.  Year 3 listened intently as Year 4&5 offered tips and

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At Calpe School, our KS1&2 pupils have access to the Active Learn website which allows them to read English books, play maths games and enjoy online grammar, spelling and punctuation activities to further their learning at home. As an incentive,

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Puzzling Dinosaurs

Year 3 enjoyed putting their puzzle skills to the test when they were given wooden pieces to assemble for making dinosaurs. This was a fun challenge to conclude their unit on Fossils in Science class.

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Calpe School children are winners!  The pupils from Years 1-5 recently entered a competition which was run by NABSS (National Assosciation of Schools in Spain). The task was to create a storyboard (KS1) or write an essay (KS2) which projected

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Soil Permeability

In Science class, Year 3 tested Soil Permeability. They collected 5 different types of soil from the local area for their experiment. They used careful observation skills to see how quickly water would go through each type of soil. They

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