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Harold Hedgehog

Harold Hedgehog had lost his spikes but Year 4 were on-hand and ready to replace them!  They used their skills and knowledge of converting measurements to and from cm & mm in order to give Harold back his spikes.  Lucky

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Cuisenaire Concepts

Cuisenaire rods are mathematical learning aids for pupils. These rods provide a hands-on way to explore mathematics and learn concepts such as the four basic arithmetical operations, working with fractions and finding factors.  Year 4&5 were introduced to Cuisenaire rods and began with

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Numicon in Nursery

Nursery have been exploring and developing their understanding of numicon during free flow and focused activities. Numicon enriches and deepens children’s understanding of numbers and maths concepts allowing the children to feel successful and happy to learn maths. This physical

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Brilliant Buzzer Games

Year 4&5 designed, built and tested their own  buzzer games as part of their topic on Electricity! Watch their video here:    

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Super Circuit Work

Year 4 & 5 have been learning about electricity and electrical circuits. They have been using circuit equipment to create circuits which light up, make a sound and generate a motor. They can identify when a circuit is incomplete or

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Summer Concert

Calpe School enjoyed a fantastic end-of-year Summer Concert. The pupils sang and danced brilliantly in front of a full audience of parents and friends.  Many thanks to everyone who attended and who have supported Calpe School throughout the year.

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At Calpe School, our KS1&2 pupils have access to the Active Learn website which allows them to read English books, play maths games and enjoy online grammar, spelling and punctuation activities to further their learning at home. As an incentive,

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FĂ©licitations aux classes 4 et 5!

Congratulations to the Year 4 students for completing Euro Stars Primary French Level 1 and to the Year 5 students for completing Euro Stars Primary French Level 2! To celebrate their last French class this year, the children prepared a

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Y4&5 Granada Residential – Day Two

Year 4&5 visited Granada and stayed overnight.  On day two, the class enjoyed a healthy buffet breakfast before spending the day at Granada Science Park (Parque de las Ciencias).  This is an interactive museum where the children experienced many different

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Year 4&5 Granada Residential – Day One

Year 4&5 visited Granada and stayed overnight.  On day one, the class carried out a number of different activities including: Woodland Walk Team-building Games Frisbee Fun Picnic Lunch Alhambra Palace gardens City Walk – Albaycin area and the Cathedral Souvenir

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