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Perfect or Perilous Parachutes?

Year 4 and 5 have been learning about different forces.  They learned how the surface area and shape of an object can determine how fast it may move through air.  They learned about Air Resistance, Aerodynamics and Gravity.  With this

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Where Would You Like To Live?

To conclude their Literacy Unit on countries, Year 3 children wrote reports to answer the Big Question: Where Would You Like To Live? They had to research their countries, write 5 paragraphs and select pictures to illustrate each page. In

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Amazing Astronaut Food

Year 4&5 have been learning about The Solar System and were lucky enough to try some real, freeze-dried ‘Astronaut Food’ all the way from America.  They had 3 different flavours – Strawberry, Peach and Apple & Cinnamon – and overwhelmingly

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Super Sundials

Year 4&5 studied ‘Light and Shadow’ as part of their work on The Solar System.  They investigated how shadow length and position changes throughout the day and found out why this was the case. The children then constructed their own

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Active Learn Champions!

The Active Learn website is a fantastic way to consolidate and continue learning at home.  These pupils were our winners in the second part of the Autumn term – who will be the next winners?

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Class Collaboration

Years 1, 4 and 5 recently welcomed a visitor to the class.  George McFarlane (dance teacher Jo’s father) came in to the class to talk about his childhood, experiences in the army and Scotland in general.  The children were fascinated

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Solar System Splash

Year 4&5 have been learning about The Solar System.  The class are able to name all the planets in order, starting from the sun, and have learned a range of facts about each different planet.  The children used some abstract

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Marvellous Maths Facts

Ahead of the coming term, Years 2 and 5 have been reviewing different maths concepts in maths carousel tasks.  It is essential that basic elements of maths are practised regularly in order to consolidate key facts which can be built

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Changes in Candles

Year 4&5 investigated scientific changes in solids, liquids and gases. They investigated the properties and qualities of candles which differed in size, shape and colour and looked at the changes that occured in different parts of the candle and matches

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Felices Fiestas!

The Spanish department engaged in the festive spirit. All children in KS1&2 designed a Christmas card for a competition run by Marbella Ayuntamiento and Year 4&5 enjoyed making a Christmas tree craft to take home. Feliz Navidad!

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