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Explorer Exchange

Year 2, 4 & 5 have been learning about exploration and have been analysing the lives and discoveries of the most remarkable explorers.  Year 2 extended their project by making Explorer Bags.  The children learned how to sew and transformed

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Sports Day

Our annual Sports Day was a huge success! We held the day at a new venue which afforded more space and comfort for the children and provided excellent opportunities for racing. We would like to say a huge thank you

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Sports Day 2018 Information

For full Sports Day information, please see the links below: Type ‘Club de Padel Alhambra de Golf’ into Google Maps for directions:     18.05.31 Sports day notice for parents

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Spirograph Computer Cats

Year 4&5 have been learning how to code and create computer programs using Scratch MIT. They used the ‘draw’ function and their knowledge of angles to create different Spirograph patterns and thoroughly enjoyed the activity!

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Computers in Class

Calpe School recently invested in new technology and now have laptops available for the children to use in class.  Year 4&5 used them to input data and create bar charts about different animals.  The children worked in pairs and individually

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Rhyming Rainforests

Year 4&5 wrote rhyming poetry as a link to their Geography work on the Amazon Rainforest. As well as writing the creative poems, the children carried out a number of crafts and have displayed all of this work in a

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Amazing Advice

Before embarking on their Design Technology project, Year 3 sought advice from their peers in Years 4&5 who had recently carried out a similar activity involving wood and various tools.  Year 3 listened intently as Year 4&5 offered tips and

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Brilliant Biomes

Year 4&5 worked in small groups to create a poster and carry out a presentation about one of the biomes of the world. This involved many personal skills such as collaboration, compromise, delegation and sharing ideas and knowledge about the

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At Calpe School, our KS1&2 pupils have access to the Active Learn website which allows them to read English books, play maths games and enjoy online grammar, spelling and punctuation activities to further their learning at home. As an incentive,

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Fabulous Frames

Year 4&5 embarked upon a Design Technology project in which they investigated, designed, constructed and evaluated wooden picture frames which included a stand. They had to discuss and share ideas together and then design their own frame which would be

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