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Marvellous Maths Facts

Ahead of the coming term, Years 2 and 5 have been reviewing different maths concepts in maths carousel tasks.  It is essential that basic elements of maths are practised regularly in order to consolidate key facts which can be built

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Changes in Candles

Year 4&5 investigated scientific changes in solids, liquids and gases. They investigated the properties and qualities of candles which differed in size, shape and colour and looked at the changes that occured in different parts of the candle and matches

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Felices Fiestas!

The Spanish department engaged in the festive spirit. All children in KS1&2 designed a Christmas card for a competition run by Marbella Ayuntamiento and Year 4&5 enjoyed making a Christmas tree craft to take home. Feliz Navidad!

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Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Year 4 & 5 used a range of Food Technology skills as a cross-curricular element of their topic work on Scotland. They worked together to create a 3-course lunch for St. Andrews Day on November 30th. This involved peeling, grating,

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Acid or Alkali?

Year 4&5 used the dye from red cabbage to test whether different items were Acid or Alkali.  The dark blue water of the red cabbage will change to bright pink if an item is Acid and will change to a

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Campaign Success!

Year 4&5 have been involved in a campaign to try and convince Mr. Jacey to install a yellow recycling bin in the playground for Calpe School pupils to start recycling plastic.  They wrote persuasive letters and took part in a

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Campaign for Recycling Plastic

Year 4&5 have been learning about the dreadful plastic problem which is developing across the world’s oceans and beaches. They have been shocked by a number of different statistics which highlight the enormity of the problem and have realised that

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Maths Review

Year 5 have been reviewing and consolidating their maths facts and knowledge from Year 4 before embarking on the new maths curriculum. They enjoyed using a range of materials during a carousel activity and now feel ready to take on

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Amazing Peer Assessment

In Literacy, Year 3 wrote a mystery story as a sequel to the novel which they read in class – ”Ottoline and the Yellow Cat”. They made lovely little booklets. They asked for help from the Year 4 and 5

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Fabulous French

Congratulations to the Year 4 and 5 students for completing the Rising Star Level 1 French programme this year! Bon travail!

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