Super Circus Week

Bring on the clowns! The children at Calpe Summer School enjoyed a range of different activities and games which were all linked to the Circus theme:

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Fabulous Food Week

Throughout this week at Calpe Summer School, the children carried out a number of dynamic, fun activities which were all related to food, including making fruit juice, potato printing and making sweet treats such as Choc Chip Cookies and Chocolate Marshmallow Crispie Cakes – DELICIOUS!

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Awesome Animal Activities

Our first week of Summer School focused its activites on ANIMALS – the children had a fantastic time carrying out a number of arts, crafts and games all related to animals and living creatures!

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Amazing Animal Theme Day

The children at Summer School enjoyed an Animal Theme day and had their faces painted as an creature of their choice after a week of activities which were related to animals.

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Amazing Peer Assessment

In Literacy, Year 3 wrote a mystery story as a sequel to the novel which they read in class – ”Ottoline and the Yellow Cat”. They made lovely little booklets. They asked for help from the Year 4 and 5 students to review their stories, give them constructive criticism and fill their Marking Ladders. Great peer work!

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Fabulous French

Congratulations to the Year 4 and 5 students for completing the Rising Star Level 1 French programme this year! Bon travail!

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The Iron Man

Based on The Iron Man book cover by Ted Hughes, Year 1 worked on their blending and smudging skills using chalk on black card. The children enjoyed watching the movie trailer for ‘The Iron Giant’ – an animated adaptation of the book. The children hope to watch the film at the end of term as a reward for great behaviour and effort in their work. 


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Heating and Cooling

Year 4&5 have been looking closely at Solids, Liquids and Gases. The class investigated the effects of Heating and Cooling on various solids and liquids, making predictions about the changes that might occur, and then determined whether the changes were reversible or irreversible. The children were surprised by some of the results!

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Delicious Bread

For their final Design and Technology project, Year 3 children got to test their baking skills and made their own loaves of bread. They used various instruments such as a sieve, measuring jug, bread knife and butter knife. They learned to knead the dough and how to use yeast for the bread to rise. After baking, they enjoyed tasting their creation accompanied by their favourite spread! Delicious! 

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Super Seaside

Year 2 have been busy thinking about Summer with their ‘Buckets and Spades’ topic. They made turtles and crabs out of scallop shells. 

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