Dinosaur Week

To end their ‘Animals’ topic, Reception had a Dinosaur Week. The children made dinosaurs from play dough, looked at dinosaur books, drew and wrote about different dinosaurs, made a dinosaur park with the blocks and even made volcano pictures too! The small sorting dinosaurs even made their way onto the Numicon boards in the Maths area. What a busy week!


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Creating Books

The children in Reception created their own Non-Fiction animal books using a selection of books that had been shared each week during the class topic on ‘Animals’. They labelled their pictures, wrote sentences and even included a contents page. It was a very popular activity during Busy Time!


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Beebot Tracks

Year 1 have been learning how to program a series of instructions to direct the Beebot around a track. The children enjoyed learning how to improve their use of the busy bees and have learned that they must clear the memory before inputting any commands. The class then wrote their instructions and followed each others’ instructions carefully.


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Computers in Class

Calpe School recently invested in new technology and now have laptops available for the children to use in class.  Year 4&5 used them to input data and create bar charts about different animals.  The children worked in pairs and individually to complete this task and very much enjoyed using the laptops.  The next step is computing and creating a short animation – watch this space!

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Y3 Gardening Show

Year 3 carried out many different investigations about plants.  Each child devised their own investigation in order to answer questions about how plants grow.  They presented their findings in the form of a short video.  Click on the picture below to watch the Year 3 Gardening Show in our Youtube playlist:


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Rhyming Rainforests

Year 4&5 wrote rhyming poetry as a link to their Geography work on the Amazon Rainforest. As well as writing the creative poems, the children carried out a number of crafts and have displayed all of this work in a colourful display in the dining room – take a peek… but watch out for the piranhas!




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Delightful Design Project

Year 3 children had a nice D&T challenge this term. They used a 60 cm stick of wood to create their very own picture frames. They handled a mini-hacksaw and double-sided bench hook using a careful technique. They used a hand drill to drill a small hole for a hook. With supervision, they worked with a glue gun to assemble each side of their frames. Finally, they painted their picture frames and inserted their hooks.

In Art class, after learning about Georgia O’Keeffe, the children used watercolour pencils to recreate oversized flowers in her style of art. You can admire their D&T and Art skills displayed on one of our dining room’s display boards.

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Halves and Sharing

Reception class have been learning about how to cut things in half and share sweets equally.  They carried out lots of practical activities and then told the rest of Foundation Stage about their work during an assembly.

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Menu May 2018

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Brilliant Boats

As part of the current topic, Year 1 became Scientists and investigated different materials of boats. Some children wanted to find out which boat would sink; others suggested which material was the best for a boat and some even asked if they could find out which material was absorbent. The children enjoyed going out of the class to conduct the investigation along with learning all about fair testing. The results were as expected and most of the children had predicted correctly. The children came together to talk about how the investigation could be improved for the next time.

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