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Pre-Nursery have been exploring and enjoying the many possibilities of Clevertouch technology – what a wonderful tool!



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The Great Fire of San Pedro!

On the last day of term in December, Year 1 went to the beach. This was no ordinary trip as the children had created Tudor houses in previous lessons in the style of 1666. This was Year 1’s attempt to recreate the Great Fire of London. They then stood well back while the houses were set alight. The houses were burnt down and destroyed, to give full effect of the destruction caused in 1666. The fire spread quickly and was assisted by the breeze. This demonstrated to the children the way in which the fire spread in London in 1666 and gave them a true understanding of events.They thoroughly enjoyed this experience!

Watch their video here:



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Menu January 2018

Menu January 2018


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Brilliant Boxes

Even more fun with boxes!  Boxes are great for sitting in and even better for hiding in!  They are also great for capturing people in jail, typing on a computer, decorating the roof of a house, and creating a graffiti wall!

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Marvellous Maths Facts

Ahead of the coming term, Years 2 and 5 have been reviewing different maths concepts in maths carousel tasks.  It is essential that basic elements of maths are practised regularly in order to consolidate key facts which can be built upon in future tasks. This can be done at home by involving your children in reading the time, adding totals in the supermarket, counting money, arranging items into groups, weighing and measuring, for example. 

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Changes in Candles

Year 4&5 investigated scientific changes in solids, liquids and gases. They investigated the properties and qualities of candles which differed in size, shape and colour and looked at the changes that occured in different parts of the candle and matches during heating, burning and cooling. They also watched as the teacher created two shorter candles from one long candle by melting through the wax at the half way mark and burning the wick at the central point. Fascinating!

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Flames in Motion

Year 1 have been busy designing and creating moving pictures based on their topic ‘The Great Fire of London’. The children had very imaginitive ideas and there were plenty of different designs in the class! Once finished, the children enjoyed sharing their work with Year 3 children. They used a loud, clear voice to talk in front of them – this was great practice ahead of the Winter Performance!

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Amazing Autobiographies

In their Literacy lessons, Year 3 students learned about autobiographies and were asked to select either a PowerPoint presentation or a Poster to present their own autobiographies to the class. They were taught different presentation techniques such as effective breathing, eye contact and clear enunciation. Good work!

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Healthy Heart Rates

Year 2 have been learning about how to keep healthy and why this is important. As well as learning about different food groups and balanced diets, they have also been testing the effects that different exercises had on their heart rates. If you need advice on how to improve your health then just ask someone in Year 2!

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Building and Construction – Christmas Houses

Fun with boxes!
In Reception’s Imagination Station,  all the children need are boxes and their imaginations…

The theme for this activity was “Building and Construction”.

How to make a Christmas house – use boxes, crates, sheets, hand written signs and tinsel of course!

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