Egypt’s Got Talent

Year 3 demonstrated how to compare and contrast the powers of different Egyptian gods by hosting their very own Ancient Egypt’s Got Talent show. Each child represented a different God and displayed their special powers in front of a panel of judges comprised of three Year 1 students. Some of the acts we witnessed were Ra moving the Sun around the world, Thoth reading people’s mind, and Amun making objects appear.

The two runners up were Sekhmet, who turned things on fire and created the desert with her breath, and Horus who flew around the room with his eagle wings! After a re-vote, the judges voted to crown Sekhmet as their winner! Well done, Amelie, for interpreting Sekhmet’s powers in such a dramatic way!

















Click the picture to watch Ra move the sun!

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Haunted Houses

To prepare for Halloween, Year 3 children made their very own Haunted Houses. There were many steps to follow, including cutting the template, tracing it out onto black and yellow card, drawing scary creatures inside the windows, gluing everything onto blue card and adding details such as a full moon and stars with chalk. The result is quite striking! Happy Halloween everyone!

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Imagination Station

Fun with boxes !
In Reception’s Imagination Station,  all the children need are boxes and their imaginations…

The theme for this activity was “Boats and Pirates”.

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Kings and Queens

Arise for the Kings and Queens of Year 1! Year 1 had a fun afternoon of sitting on a regal throne (Miss Gwenno’s swivel chair!) and shared with the rest of the class what their royal demands would be if they were a King or a Queen! The rules varied from no adults allowed, no rules, only one sugary treat a day to attending school for only one hour a day! It was a fun session and the children were proud to share their crown creations, which were made as homework, with the rest of the class. 

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Was Tutanhkamun Killed?

To conclude their Literacy topic, Year 3 children met with the Year 4s to discuss the question ‘Was Tutankhamun Killed?’ Year 3 spent many lessons learning about the young pharaoh and discussing his mysterious death. They planned, drafted and then wrote an explanation text to detail their opinion on the matter. After sharing their texts with the Year 4s, children from both classes voted and it was decided 21 against 8 that Yes, Tutakhamun was killed! Although scientific evidence does not prove or disprove this theory, many children believe either Ay, the pharaoh’s adviser, or Horemheb, the leader of the Egyptian army, could have murdered the young king. The Year 3 students really appreciated the positive feedback from their older colleagues on their texts. Great peer work!

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How are you feeling?

Pre-Nursery have been learning about feelings. They made faces with different feelings- angry, sad, happy and sleepy. The children enjoyed presenting their work to the rest of Foundation Stage in assembly. 


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Fantastic Faces

In their Art classes, Year 3 explored portraits and followed a step-by-step tutorial to create realistic proportions when drawing faces. They first sketched with pencils, then tried a second portrait with charcoal. They enjoyed creating life-like portraits and made sure to include all facial features such as eye lashes and eye brows. Great sketches!

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Menu October 2017


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Mr. Potato Head and the Senses

Pupils in Reception have been learning about Our Five Senses and made Mr Potato Heads to tell us what senses they use.  They also matched the senses to the features on Mr Potato Head.

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Foundation Stage Stars of the Week

Foundation Stage Stars of the Week this week are:

Thomas in Reception for doing really well in P.E and trying hard, especially in using words, Maximilian in Nursery for setting a good example to his friends for following instructions and Sofia in Pre-Nursery for using her big voice and looking after our class.  Well done, everyone!

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