Gorgeous Guinea Pigs

Year 2 have had another pet visitor – this time it was Altusha’s Guinea Pigs, Michael and Minnie.  The class were interested in finding out about them and compared them to the hamster which they had seen earlier in the term.  The class are eager to find out about other animals around the world during the summer term!


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Super Sunflowers

Reception class showed the rest of Foundation Stage how a bean plant grows and shared their pictures of sunflowers.  They are hoping that their beanstalks grow tall enough to reach the Giant!

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Fabulous Frames

Year 4&5 embarked upon a Design Technology project in which they investigated, designed, constructed and evaluated wooden picture frames which included a stand.

They had to discuss and share ideas together and then design their own frame which would be made from a 60cm long rod of wood.  They had to think carefully about how they wanted the frame to be cut and joined and which design they wanted to create for their stand.

Once the design was complete, the children used mini-hacksaws, double-sided bench hooks and a glue gun to construct their frame.  Once this was created, the children then painted their frame and made a small piece of abstract art (inspired by Wassily Kandinsky or Joan Miro) to display in it.

The finished results are fantastic!

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Puzzling Dinosaurs

Year 3 enjoyed putting their puzzle skills to the test when they were given wooden pieces to assemble for making dinosaurs. This was a fun challenge to conclude their unit on Fossils in Science class.

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Excellent Explorers

Excellent Explorers

The children in Year 2 have been finding out about significant people and famous explorers, past and present, from around the world. They created some mini books in the shape of one of Columbus’ ships to tell the story of his adventures across the Atlantic, and they discovered the story of Neil Armstrong and his ambition to fly all the way to the moon! Where would you like to explore?


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Hamster Visit

In preparation for their Summer Term topic about different animals around the world, Year 2 had a very special visitor – Olly’s pet Russian Dwarf Hamster!  He told the children how to look after a hamster and how to keep it happy.  The class were very interested and asked lots of questions!


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Magic Beanstalk Beans

Miss Michelle needed help from Reception class. She found a huge sack outside and did not know who it belonged to. The class looked inside………there was an enormous pencil, a giant spoon, a massive mug, a big toy dog, a huge pair of sun glasses, a big pepper grinder, a huge story book and big purse with some magic beans inside! The children decided it must belong to the Giant from the story Jack and the Beanstalk.  The children then wondered how they could return his sack? They must grow a Beanstalk, of course! So that is what the class have done!  The beans are hanging on the window in the hall to make sure they get lots of sunshine. Watch this space……






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Calpe School children are winners!  The pupils from Years 1-5 recently entered a competition which was run by NABSS (National Assosciation of Schools in Spain). The task was to create a storyboard (KS1) or write an essay (KS2) which projected their ideal school 40 years from now.  NABSS held their annual conference in Sevilla this weekend and announced the winners.  Each class who entered had a winner chosen and then there were separate awards given to the top six children from over a thousand entries across each stage.  From over a thousand entries, Y5 pupil Johnny Del-Rio Georkian was awarded 6th place in the KS2 essay writing competition and Y2 pupil Maiia Gramotkina was awarded 4th place overall in the KS1 Storyboard competition!  

Not only that, but a member of Calpe School staff was also a winner!  Miss Deryn (Learning Support Assistant in Y4&5) entered a competition which was run by one of the educational stalls and won a 40″ Smart television!

Well done to all of our winners!!



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Brilliant Banjos

In Music lessons, Years 4 and 5 learnt how a stringed instrument works. They enjoyed creating their own banjos and, by the end of the lesson, they had improved their musical knowledge and had a lot of fun too!

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Soil Permeability

In Science class, Year 3 tested Soil Permeability. They collected 5 different types of soil from the local area for their experiment. They used careful observation skills to see how quickly water would go through each type of soil. They drew conclusions as to each soil’s permeability: rapid, moderate or slow. They were surprised to find out Peat was highly permeable and dried out nearly immediately, whereas Clay was more impermeable as it took over 16 minutes for the 300 ml of water to go through it. The children are learning about fair testing by measuring accurately and using the same conditions for each test.  

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