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Blackout Poetry – WW1

To finalise their project on the First World War, Year 4&5 created poems using the ‘blackout’ technique.  This is where they took an original poem or text extract which was written about the First World War and then selected key words that they wanted to keep. The children then ‘blacked out’ the rest of the original poem with an image of poppies, No Man’s Land or darkness in order to leave their selected words (which formed a new poem). The results were very effective.

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Nature Walk

In Literacy, Year 1 have been reading all about the adventures of Sam Robertson in his Nature Diary. So the class decided to go for their own nature walk and learned about the local environment. The children enjoyed pretending to be trees, swaying in a breeze and creaking in strong winds.

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Glorious Glockenspiels

Year 4&5 learned about Sound during one of their recent Science topics.  They studied the inner workings of the ear and how sound vibrations are transmitted from the point of origin to the brain. The children found out about different ways to describe sounds and how to make sounds by causing vibrations in different ways. Impressively, the class learned how to map and read sound waves which showed combinations of high-pitched, low-pitched, loud and soft sounds.  To round off the topic, the children worked in pairs to learn how to play the melody of ‘Hot Cross Buns’ on the Glockenspiel – this is a tune which has a variety of high, low and mid-range pitches.  Well done, everyone!


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Food Fractions

After working all week on Fractions in Maths class, Year 3 enjoyed a practical activity where they shared their snacks in different fractions to show their understanding. We have some good mathematicians!

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Polar Explorers

To begin their ‘Wonderful Winter’ topic, Reception put on their magic Wonder Wellies and went on an imaginary trip to the Polar Regions. They made their own amazing sledges at home and wore their coats, hats, scarves and gloves.  The children wrote a list of the items that they needed to take with them on their expedition and made binoculars too. They took clipboards with them to draw the Polar animals that they spotted and ate their ration packs at the end of the trip.  The children thoroughly enjoyed being Polar Explorers! Thank you so much to the parents for the huge effort that was put into making their wonderful sledges.


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Fire! Fire!

Year 1 have been busy creating a variety of crafts based on the current topic ‘The Great Fire of London’. The children have enjoyed this popular topic and have created a fiery piece using oil pastels for the fire. They also cut out black card to make silhouettes of the buildings. The class then used tea bags to discolour their houses after they cut black card to make wooden beams. These houses are on display in class as part of Pudding Lane.


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Perfect Postcards

Before the holidays Year 2 sent their postcards to their Mums and Dads!  Let us know if you have received it!

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Poppies and Silence

Year 4&5 have been learning about the First World War and this year marks 100 years since the end of this conflict.  In a special assembly, Year 5 explained to Years 1, 2 3 and 4 what Remembrance Day is about and why this is marked with a one minute silence across the world. They also explained why the poppy has become the symbol for Remembrance Day and told the children that Calpe School will be marking the 100 year anniversary of peace with its own one minute silence.  Each child in Years 1-5 will make their own poppy and will take part in showing their respect to the fallen soldiers on Friday morning.

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Happy Hallowe’en!

Wishing you all a fantastic Hallowe’en!

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