Jörgen and Sophia Hjälte

It’s almost 2 years ago since we visited Calpe the first time. I remember getting a tour of the school by you, Mr Jacey. We were in a stressed situation to find a school for both William (10y at the time) and Olivia (5y). Prior to visiting Calpe, we had been on a school hunt through all the major schools in Marbella.

We made the decision to choose Calpe mainly because of you, Mr Jacey. You sensed our worry about the language barrier for our kids. You bravely told us that Olivia would be fluent in English within 3 months. I thought at the moment that you just dropped your sales speech, but you proved to be right! 

Ever since that moment we have been extremely confident in your craft. All of you! From the morning routines starting at the parking lot with cheerful greetings all the way to after school activities. Thank all of you for seeing not only my children, but us parents as well.

The level of pride and self-confidence Olivia has achieved at Calpe has wildly surpassed my expectations. And I think William finally found his core abilities to be calm when challenged with new and strange knowledge. His tendency to “freeze” has all but disappeared.

William had been in Swedish school 3 years prior to us moving to Marbella, so we have the benchmark. Not only by comparing schools and teachers, but also the whole system of education. And I can’t think of anything negative to say about your work or Calpe as a school. 

Moving to a foreign country was a brave and crazy chance of fate. But choosing Calpe was quite the opposite. It was probably the best possible school in the world for our children. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us transition from Sweden to the world.

We will miss the time in Calpe dearly, and we will forever be your positive ambassadors.

Best regards, Jörgen, Sophia, William and Olivia Hjälte

Kamila and James Brion

Thank you so much for taking the time to show us around Calpe. We loved the school and, having seen the other primary schools in the area, Calpe is our first choice of school for our daughter. We loved how the younger children were encouraged to engage with activities that interest them, how bright and welcoming the building is and the amount of attention the teachers were giving to the children.

Our son, attended the school from 2005 and we think our daughter, would have just as great an experience if not better with the school growing and having been modernised.

Kind regards

Kamila and James Brion

November 2018

Jo Monaghan – Dance Teacher








Niki Tilev

I’m happy and proud Alex was one of the Calpe School students and that our daughter Lora is still there!

As our son has just graduated from Foundation Class to Year 4 at Calpe School in San Pedro de Alcantara (Marbella), I’m particularly proud to say he is absolutely prepared with a very profound knowledge, excellent spoken and written English and very motivated to learn.
Spending his very first academic experience in Calpe School for six years and having been surrounded and encouraged by the professional teaching staff and their constant and personal attention to each child throughout the years, Alex has grown as an excellent student and a confident individual.
Our very special thanks to all the teachers who taught Alex in Calpe School for their hard work and the special care they have shown to our children.

Maricarmen Espada Ordoñez

Quiero agradecer a Calpe school la gran labor educativa que ha hecho con Martina. Siempre supe desde que entró el primer día en nursery que estaría en buenas manos, pero hasta que no ha ido este año a otro colegio no me podía imaginar el nivel tan alto que tenia. Ese trabajo tengo que agradecerlo al colegio y a todos la profesoras que ha tenido Martina a lo largo de los 6 años, sobre todo a su profesora de Year 3 & 4, que ha sido su profesora durante 2 años. Nunca conocí a una pofresora con tanta creatividad , empuje,entusiasta y preocupación por el aprendizaje de sus alumnos como ella. Miss Carrie quiero que sepas que Martina está en un nivel 30 de lectura, desde el día 5 de septiembre hasta hoy, ha subido 28 niveles , se lee los reading book de 127 paginas en dos días , es la única de su clase que lo hace. Según Martina este curso es muy fácil para ella, eso no significa que Martina sea súper dotada, sino que tuvo la mejor profesora y que la preparó por encima de su edad. Por eso ahora year 5 le queda pequeño. No creo que tengamos la suerte de tener nunca más un colegio como Calpe ni una profesora como tú. Gracias a ti Martina ama la historia, literatura, ciencias, arte etc, etc…… este verano se leyó la biografía de Anne Frank, el diario de Anna Frank y Flip Flop club. Entiende de la segunda guerra mundial, mitología griega, historia egipcia y un montón de cosas más. MUCHAS GRACIAS!


Iñaki is in his new school…. He’s ok, but I miss you and Calpe!
It’s sad that this new school doesn’t share the “reading culture” as yours… Iñaki was enjoying so much the English books and now that he doesn’t “have” to do it, it is really hard to go back to that… 🙁  Where can I find the books he was reading? I want to buy him a bunch!! Fingers crossed I get him into reading again!!

Nick and Jo Duncan


I can’t believe that a year has gone by when we said farewell to your fabulous school.

Josh has settled in extremely well to “big boy school” and this was achieved mostly by the way he was taught by calpe in his first 4 years with you.

He gained confidence, understanding, respect and above all a happy will to learn whilst he was in your care and this gave him the grounding to easily adapt to his new and somewhat larger surroundings at his new school. His results in his first year are well above average and he has progressed so much further in his sporting achievements that he now needs to step up a class and a year from his current year. This achievement we would put solely down to you in the encouragement and level friendly discipline you instilled in him.

Whilst he enjoyed (and won) sports day, we shall never forget the Calpe sports day on the beach and we really miss this.

Please say hi to all of your staff who knew him and please do feel free to use any part of this e mail for any marketing purposes.

All the very best to you.

Nick and Jo Duncan (Calpe school 2005-2009.)


Thank you so much for all your help in helping Josh to become the boy he is today.

Alicia Year 5. Age 10

My School Calpe

I was born in Spain but my family are Russian.

I came to Calpe when I was 5 years old. I went into Year 1 and now I am in Year 5. It is 5 years since I came here. So many years have passed. I have had so much fun since Year 1.

When I was in Year 3 we studied Tutankhamen. It was very exciting to learn about Egypt and the Pharaohs. I remember that one day during the summer term the wind was blowing outside while we were reading about Tutankhamen. Suddenly the door started banging very hard as if there was a tornado outside. Our teacher laughed spookily and said that it was the “ghost of Tutankhamen”. We were all so scared. I could not go to sleep that night.

Another time in Year 3 I was in my Spanish lesson and we were studying butterflies. The Spanish teacher asked if anyone knew the Spanish word for a butterfly house. A boy in my class answered. We laughed a lot, he had not realised he had chosen a rude Spanish word instead of “crisalida”!

In Year 4 I worked with Year 5 children in a mixed age class and made lots of new friends with the older children. We are still friends now.

I love Calpe School because Calpe is wonderful, funny and an extremely supreme place to be. Calpe is my family. I do not want to say goodbye. I don’t have to yet. I still have another year to go. I feel I really belong here. I went to another school and I came back after a few days. It was awful.

It feels good to belong to the best school ever.

Leo Year 5. Age 10

Coming to Calpe School

An interview with Leo Year 5. Age 10

Q. “Leo, when did you come to Spain?”

A. “I moved from England to Marbella last summer. My family decided we would come and stay in our summer house all year round.”

Q. “ How did you find out about Calpe School? ”

A. “ My mum was looking for schools in Marbella on the internet and she found Calpe School so she made an appointment and we came to visit. ”

Q. ” What made you want to come to Calpe? ”

A. “ I really liked Calpe when I visited. Calpe is small and I had not been happy in a very big school in England. So I chose Calpe.

Q. “ Leo can you tell us what you think about our school? ”

A. “ This school is very different to my school in England. Calpe is much better. “

Q. “ Have you made any new friends? ”

A. “ The friends I have made at Calpe are nice. My favourite friends are Noel, Max. I really like Charlotte as my friend. “

Q. “ Do you like the food at Calpe? ”

A. “ The food is delicious. My favourite is pizza! Maria the Cook makes them for us. “

Q. “ What makes Calpe School different to the school you went to in England? “

A. “ I know that I have difficulties with learning. Reading, spelling and writing and maths are so hard for me. My teacher helps me with all these things. I am getting better at my schoolwork. That makes me very happy! ”

Q. “ Which is your favourite lesson?”

A. “ My favourite lesson is history, I like learning about the past. “

Q. “ Have you anything else you would like to say before we end this interview? “

A. “ Yes, Calpe is a great school! “

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Вот мы и в Марбелье. Солнце светит, птички поют, море синеет, а мы решаем проблемы насущные – мы не в отпуске, мы тут пожить решили немного. Или много – как получится и как понравится. Если опустить бытовые сложности, которые возникают при любом переезде с места на место, а тем более при приезде в другую страну, то все прекрасно. За исключением одного – на горизонте уверенно маячит вопрос об устройстве детей в школу. Как вы сами понимаете, такую проблему быстро не решить. Как минимум требуется: опросить друзей, побеседовать со знакомыми, получить максимум информации у знающих людей, посетить колледжи, пройти собеседования, сделать выбор, принять решение. Уф, кажется все. Мы свое решение приняли и выбор сделали. В подробностях описывать все не буду – можно двухтомник написать. Скажу только, что выбор был сделан в пользу «Calpe Junior School». Сейчас, оглядываясь назад, и уже находясь на ином этапе обучения и в другом колледже – возраст у детей подошел поменять школу – могу с полной ответственностью сказать, что мы с выбором первой школы не ошиблись. Объясню почему. У меня двое детей. Когда они начали обучение в «Calpe Junior School» им было 4 и 5 лет. Они оба по-русски еще говорили так себе, а про английский я вообще молчу. Мне нужно было найти школу, где дети смогут легко адаптироваться к новым условиям, где они не испытают стресса, где они получат более или менее индивидуальный подход, где они почувствуют себя комфортно и уверенно. «Calpe» полностью подходил по всем параметрам – небольшой, уютный колледж, с маленькими классами (7 – 12 человек в классе), с хорошими академическими показателями, с командой профессиональных педагогов, с домашней обстановкой, когда все учителя знают всех учеников колледжа, а ученики всех классов дружат между собой независимо от возраста. Мои дети проучились в «Calpe» 3 года. Настало время двигаться дальше. Сейчас они учатся в English Internation School, по мнению многих одном из лучших колледжей на побережье, но мы всегда с теплом и благодарностью вспоминаем нашу первую школу в Марбелье. Мы благодарны всем педагогам «Calpe» за ту подготовку, за те знания, которые они нам дали на первых годах обучения – дети блестяще прошли все тесты при поступлении в новый колледж и сейчас не испытывают никаких проблем в учебе. И знаете, как говорят в одной известной передаче, «пользуясь случаем, хочу передать привет…» – а я хочу передать слова любви и признательности от все нашей семьи и в первую очередь от моих детей тем, кто помог нам сделать первые шаги в учебе. Это очень важно – хорошо стартовать. Хороший старт – одна из составляющих будущих побед. «Calpe», мы тебя любим и спасибо тебе за все!

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