Calpe School children are winners!  The pupils from Years 1-5 recently entered a competition which was run by NABSS (National Assosciation of Schools in Spain). The task was to create a storyboard (KS1) or write an essay (KS2) which projected their ideal school 40 years from now.  NABSS held their annual conference in Sevilla this weekend and announced the winners.  Each class who entered had a winner chosen and then there were separate awards given to the top six children from over a thousand entries across each stage.  From over a thousand entries, Y5 pupil Johnny Del-Rio Georkian was awarded 6th place in the KS2 essay writing competition and Y2 pupil Maiia Gramotkina was awarded 4th place overall in the KS1 Storyboard competition!  

Not only that, but a member of Calpe School staff was also a winner!  Miss Deryn (Learning Support Assistant in Y4&5) entered a competition which was run by one of the educational stalls and won a 40″ Smart television!

Well done to all of our winners!!



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